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per·cep·tive  /pərˈseptiv/

Adj. Having or showing sensitive insight.



Perceptive Talent Solutions is a professional recruitment and selection business that prides itself on delivering insightful, tailored recruitment solutions to overcome our clients’ specific recruitment challenges. We believe in the importance of adding value at every stage of the recruitment process and our methodical approach to recruitment and selection ensures our ability to deliver.


Our founding Director, Matt Steele has 10 years of recruitment and executive search experience in top tier recruitment firms. Matt has led major strategic recruitment projects and high profile senior executive search assignments. His experience ranges from recruiting an entire team for a new market entrant insurance business to Chairman of the Board for a large NSW Government Statutory Authority. He has recruited extensively and led recruitment teams across disciplines including: technical and operations; strategy and public policy; financial services; human resources and technology.


As a small business, Perceptive Talent Solutions is accountable to our clients and make a powerful business ally. We take pride in delivering on our company values of being Honest, Methodical and Solution Focused.

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